Interested In Citric Acid? Don’t Forget The Application!

1. Application of citric acid in food industry

Citric acid is an important edible organic acid and an additive to foods such as beverages, candies, and cans.

(1) As a flavor regulator. Citric acid is widely used in soft drinks, fruit juices, canned fruits, etc. In some fruit and vegetable products, sugar-acid ratio can be adjusted by citric acid and sugar to improve the flavor of the product.

(2) As sucrose inverting agent. Adding an appropriate amount of citric acid to the sucrose solution can convert it into invert sugar. Therefore, it can prevent crystallization of sucrose sand defect. Meanwhile, citric acid can improve the preservation state and quality of sugar products.

(3) As a color protectant to and inhibit the discoloration of fruits and vegetables raw materials.


(4) As a pH adjusting agent. Citric acid can lower the pH value in canned products, jams, jellies and other products, and inhibit the proliferation of spoilage microorganisms.

(5) As an antioxidant synergist. For example, the peeled fruits and vegetables can be immersed in 0.1% ascorbic acid solution to prevent oxidation and browning. While, citric acid is generally used as a synergist to control the activity of phenolase and prevent browning of the enzyme.

(6) Improver of leavening agent. It can reduce the alkalinity of pasta food and improve taste if citric acid and baking soda are used in pasta food at the same time.


2. Application of citric acid in the pharmaceutical industry

Citric acid is mainly used as anticoagulant, antacid, flavoring agent and various preparations. Citric acid is also widely used in a variety of nutrient oral liquid,

3. Applications in industry

As the base metal cleaning formula, citric acid can effectively remove the oxides formed on the surface of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Meanwhile, citric acid is also widely used in many household detergent products such as detergent, cleaning agent.c0498dc73e133460b4af112142f14cdd

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