Production Process Of Citric Acid

3For citric acid, many people think that citric acid must be extracted from lemon. Indeed, citric acid can be extracted from fruits such as lemon and citrus. This is the method of fruit extraction. But actually, the best material to extract citric acid is corn.

Traditionally, citric acid was extracted from dried potatoes as raw materials, but in this way, citric acid is poor quality, high cost, and serious environmental pollution. 

In contrast, the production of citric acid using corn as a raw material has the advantages of low energy consumption, low pollution, and high efficiency. Therefore, citric acid of Richest Group is extracted from high-quality corn.

In the production process of citric acid, there are several important steps, such as corn acceptance, fermentation, one-time neutralization, secondary neutralization, acid hydrolysis, and sieving, etc.

The use of scientific and technological in large-scale production processes has increased the utilization rate of raw materials, reduced grain consumption by 13%, electricity consumption by 35%, water consumption by 65%, and at the same time reduced waste discharge. A double harvest of economic and environmental benefits has been achieved.

The complete citric acid production process needs to go through nearly 20 kinds of procedures. After continuous improvement, our production process is very mature. Of course, with the high development of technology, we will also continue to conduct in-depth research and continue to provide our customers with high-quality products!

Post time: Jul-16-2020
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