The Sweetness Of Different Sweeteners (1)

Sweeteners can impart sweetness to foods. But different sweeteners has different sweetness. We need choose suitable sweeteners for different foods.

Neotame can be used instead of some sweeteners, not only can obtain products with suitable sweetness and flavor, but also neotame has the characteristics of reducing product costs. In beverage products, neotame can replace 25% of nutritional sweeteners or high-strength sweeteners.


Cyclamate has a sweet taste, and the sweetness of its dilute solution is about 30 times that of sucrose. Its sweetness is 40-50 times that of sucrose, and it is a non-nutritive sweetener.

Maltitol is a new type of functional sweetener with a sweetness of 85%-95% than sucrose. It is not digested and absorbed in the body, and its calorific value is only 5% of sucrose, which does not increase blood sugar or increase cholesterol.

Sucralose is the only functional sweetener using sucrose as a raw material, and its sweetness can reach 600 times that of sucrose.

Sucralose is easy to dissolve in water, and it is not easy to produce foaming when dissolved. Sucralose is suitable for the high-speed filling production line of carbonated beverages.


Post time: Oct-23-2020
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