Why Does The Price Of Propylene Glycol Fluctuate More Than Glycerol?

1Propylene glycol can be classified into industrial grade, food grade, and pharmaceutical grade, while glycerol can be classified into industrial cosmetic grade, food grade, and pharmaceutical grade.

Propylene glycol and Glycerol have different application methods, and the moisturizing effect of glycerol will be better.

Propylene glycol is divided into 1,2 propylene glycol and 1,3 propylene glycol. Generally, 1,2 propylene glycol is more widely used in the market.

The current process of propylene glycol is mostly made of propylene oxide hydrate. Therefore, the price of propylene glycol is directly affected by propylene oxide, and the price fluctuates relatively large.2

Glycerol, also named glycerin. The current production process of glycerol is mainly based on hydrolyzed palm oil, which generally comes from Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries, so the price will fluctuate accordingly.

Compared with glycerin, propylene glycol has lower viscosity and moisturizing properties. It is mostly used as a carrier in pharmaceutical production.

Glycerin has excellent moisturizing properties and is widely used in cosmetics and long shelf life pastries.

Post time: Sep-16-2020
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