About R&D


Research Introduction

Various R&D activities including Preparation,product testing techniques and standards for chemical products. Our company is widely agglomeration of knowledge, technology, talents and other innovative elements, and carries out scientific and technological innovation in the context of economic globalization and rapid development of knowledge economy.

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R&D Teams

Our company has several research cooperation teams. At the same time, our teams consist of young doctoral students is thriving, which has laid the talent foundation for the rapid development of R&D. The team adhered to the concept of pursuing the best and never ending, strive to offer our dear customers good quality product.


R&D Achivements

We has established cooperation with many enterprises. Research laboratories and industrial bases have been established throughout China, including headquaters in Shanghai, industrial base in Jiangshu, Zhejiang and Hubei. We have the ability to produce quality products as well as minimizing environmental pollution, resource and energy consumption for production.

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